This highly active Nomad club was first formed in November, 1970. At that time it was known as Nomads of Long Beach. Then, as now, the sole purpose was, and still is, the preserving and restoring of 1955, 1956, 1957 Nomad wagons. What this club exemplifies could easily become the byword for all Nomad owners across the nation. They sincerely work toward their club purpose at all times, in holding the Nomad wagon as the common bond between members and all owners of these classic wagons.

Since February of 1971, club meetings are held at Beach City Chevrolet, 3001 East Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, California. Regular business meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. Anyone who is interested in the Nomad is welcome at meetings. Dues are $1 per month with a $5 initiation fee per family.

That was then… This is now…

California Nomads now has 40 members representing several different body styles of tri-five Chevys. These range from stock to modified, from show quality to bondo and primer, and everything in between. We are still, however, dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Nomad.

With yearly events including: Runs To Laughlin, Peterson’s Museum, Calico Old Town, Car Shows, The Easter Picnic, Yearly Banquet & The Christmas Party. It seems like there is always something happening.

Meetings are now held the first Friday of every month (summer holidays occasionally create the need to reschedule meeting date). The meetings are held at various members homes; contact us for this month’s meeting. Dues are $30.00 a year per family.

“Happiness is… Club participation”